Many of us want to hold flowers with special memories. We desire to make the happiness and joy of flowers to last forever. And for this, pressing the flowers is the best option.

Finding out the right ways for doing this, is challenging. This complete guide by Gurgaon Online Florist will tell you the right way of pressing the flowers. 

Ways for pressing the flowers

  • For pressing the flowers, choose the ones who are either freshly bloomed or are still in bud. If you are picking up the flowers from your garden, then make sure you do it in the morning only.
  • Prepare the flowers for pressing by packing them in a ziplock bag and keeping them in a refrigerator. 
  • Before pressing make sure you remove the flat leaves, cut the flowers at the angle, place it in a vase, splitting thick flowers, and make the flower to lay flat. 
  • To prevent your flowers from drowning, it is essential to dry them as fast as possible. For drying up your herbs, you must use paper. Avoid using paper towels here as they have several textures that my get imprinted on the flowers. You may use papers such as facial tissue, printer paper, flat cardboard, etc

After you have followed all these steps, selecting the most preferred method for pressing the flowers comes next:

  • Using a book: It is the simplest and easiest method of pressing the flowers. Pick up the most substantial book for this also keep in mind to opt a book in which you won’t worry about any damaging because the moisture of flowers will cause wrinkles in the pages. Cover the flowers with the two pieces of paper and then place them in the book. Do not forget to add some more weight to the books. Keeping changing the sheets in every few days and in just a few weeks the flowers will dry wholly.
  • Another method is to dry them with a flat iron. Use two absorbent papers and place the flowers in between and then use the iron to flatten the flowers. Keep checking in every 15 seconds if the flowers are dry.
  • You can even use the wooden flower press method, but it is a lengthy process. In this, you have to take two wooden boards of the same size and drill the holes in the corners. Place the flowers between two papers and then between the wood and use bolts to tighten the wooden boards. 

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