Love is a feeling that is beyond understanding. You don’t know what is happening to you. The butterflies and the elephants jump inside you when that special someone is around is worth every dime in the world. But not everyone gets to hold their lover in their arms every day. This is the sad tragedy of a long distance relationship. It becomes difficult to express love or celebrate special occasions when that person isn’t around. This sometimes drifts people apart.

If you are one of those slightly less fortunate ones, then don’t be sad. All it takes is a little effort to show someone how much they mean to you even if they live a thousand miles away. And what better time to express your love again other than the Valentines Day? It’s the season of love. Get ready to woo your long distance lover. Here’s how-

Surprise visit-

It is not possible for everyone to fly to their lover to surprise them. But if you can, then just do it. There is no better gesture of your love than your physical presence. Just plan, buy a ticket and go. Knock on the door with a lovely Valentine flower bouquet and your smile.

Plan a virtual date-

This is bound to sweep your lover away. Just plan a romantic virtual date with them. Dim those lights, light a candle, keep a few roses around and don’t forget their favourite food and music. If you want to make your lover speechless, then up your game and deliver the wine, the candles, the food and the roses to your darling’s doorstep too. There are many Valentine gift delivery services in Gurgaon to help you surprise your loved one. Just get your love delivered and then have the perfect date. Plan well and woo them away.

Write them a letter-

Words don’t come easy to everyone but love makes you feel fuzzy and that is an interesting feeling to write about. So grab a pen & paper and start writing. Write whatever comes to your mind, tell them why they mean the world to you. once you are done, post it. Its old school but in the age of Whatsapp, a letter is always special and appreciated. Oh, and don’t forget to spray your perfume on the letter. They will feel you in the air once the letter opens.

You can do a hundred things in a thousand ways. But at the end of the day, all that counts are your efforts, your attention, time and endless love. Listen to them. Love doesn’t ask for much. A simple ‘I Love You’ in the morning every day would make it a Valentines Day every day of the year.

Send that ‘I love you’ text right now!! And Happy Valentine’s day from Gurgaon Online Florist.

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