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Valentine Day is globally celebrated every year on 14th February. On this day, lovers exchange gifts, flowers and goodies with their dear ones. Like every other momentous occasion, the story behind celebrating the Valentine Day is quite dramatic. From past medieval days, 3rd century Rome, there was a ruthless emperor named Claudius II and a Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. It has believed that Emperor Claudius II banned the weddings of young men because young adults became weak in a war due to families. St. Valentine secretly began to arrange marriages for young adults, and when Emperor Claudius came to know about this betray, he ordered him to put in jail.

When St. Valentine was thrown in jail, before the execution, he fell in love with the blind daughter of Jailer’s - who visited during the confinement. Just one day before the St. Valentine executions, he wrote a love letter to Julia - the blind girl and signed the letter as “From Your Valentine”, and that’s how till today the lovers address themselves as Valentine. Since then the tradition of sending anonymous greeting cards and love letters on Valentine have become prominent.

On this day, thousands of lovers pamper their loved ones with beautiful flower arrangements, personalised gifts and tempting chocolates.

Valentine Week Celebrations

Valentine’s celebrates the notion of love, that’s why it is commentated for an entire week. Each day in the week dedicates to a particular day and every day has its significance.

Rose Day (7th Feb)
The first day is Valentine Week is Rose Day. Lovers celebrate this day by giving their partner beautiful roses along with goodies.
Propose Day (8th Feb)
Propose day is the second day of Valentine Week. On this day, lovers propose their loved ones and express their deep emotions and feelings.
Chocolate Day (9th Feb)
Just after the Propose day, it’s the time to add sweetness is the relationship. 9th Feb is an entire day dedicated to chocolates.
Teddy Day (10th Feb)
After adding the sweetness, pamper your love with cuddly soft teddy bears. Female are fond of sweet teddies so surprise them with cute teddy bears in the most romantic way.
Promise Day (11th Feb)
Promise day is the fifth day of Valentine Week. On this day, lovers promise to love and help each other at every point in life. Promise plays an essential part in the relationship. So, promise your partner to keep them happy and protected with utmost dedication.
Hug Day (12th Feb)
The sixth day of Valentine week is Hug Day. On this day, lovers give a warm-lovely hug to their partners. Hugging is a symbol of protection and care. Also, it reduces stress.
Kiss Day (13th Feb)
The Seventh Day is kiss day, the purest representation of love and kindness.
Valentine’s Day (14th Feb)
Finally, on fourteenth February lovers celebrate Valentine Day, exchange gifts and flowers. Also, promise to help and support each other in every aspect of life.
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