Chocolate is divine, when they melt in the mouth it feels like drops of heaven. Almost everyone loves the taste, it is good for mood swings of the babies as well as the ladies. They actually balance the hormones and apart from that what it does? It makes people happy! Just imagine you've had a hectic day and your boyfriend walks in with a nice hot chocolate cup, how would you feel? Or it's that time of the month and you're having all those cramps and mood swings and your mother walks in with a bar of dark chocolate! Already wanting to have one right now? Here are some of the must-try chocolate desserts this winter season which is up for delivery, so you should definitely try them out-

Choco-lava cake-  First and foremost is the all-time favourite choco lava cake, it’s hot and it’s delicious. It can control all your craving at once. It has molten chocolate inside which tastes better with every bite.

Hot coca-cake- Kids are always stubborn for ice creams and in winters it's obviously not possible to let them have a bite of it. Why not replace it with the delicious hot cocoa cake? It would make them more than happy and honestly, it's alright to have some in those boring winter vacations when they can't even go out to play because of the cold!

Melted Mousse Brownie- For the people who don't have enough members in the house to finish a cake for winters, they can go for a brownie, it's delicious and you can heat it up and have it whenever you want to and it tastes even better with vanilla ice-cream ( just an advice, you should not have it in winters!)

Chocolate Tart- Simple and sober yet a craving buster, it has the least calories and is advisable for the people on a diet who just can't resist anymore to have a cheat day!

Choco-Cheese Pie-Trust me when the melted cheese dissolves in your mouth with the taste of chocolate in it! There is no taste as compared to that. It's so amazing and satisfying that I can have one right away!

Dark-Chocolate cake- Dark chocolate is considered to have the least calories and is the most delicious and purest form of chocolate, the cake tastes delicious and one should definitely give it a shot!

Here are some of the must-try chocolate desserts. Search for an online cake delivery service and get them delivered right at your doorsteps, it is worth giving a try.

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  • Jan 08, 2019
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