The cupid is flying around with his love arrows everywhere for the season of love is here. Love is in the air and the biggest celebration of love is just a few days away. Valentine’s day is a special affair and it is the time for grand romantic gestures. But not everyone can afford to go bonkers with their pockets. Besides, your significant other wants just you all to themselves not with huge gifts (some don’t at least). It is the thought, care and love that counts when you celebrate your love, not shiny boxes or grand places.

So for those of you who don’t want to go spend everything you have but still want to give your beloved an amazing day. Here’s your fix.

We have 5 inexpensive & creative ideas to celebrate Valentine's day this year-

Movie day- This is by far the most inexpensive yet romantic thing you can do for your beloved. Just have a movie marathon the whole day with your darling’s favourite movies. Be it romantic, chic flick, action, thriller, or horror. Give them what they deserve. Don’t forget to decorate the house and bring food. Lots of it and tissues (for romance- genre!!).

Write a letter- If it is not possible for you to buy them anything this year, then just express your love through a handwritten letter. Everyone loves being told how much their partner loves them. In this case, words speak louder than actions. Just write a letter to them and post it. Let it arrive on Valentine’s Day. Or record your letter too. Choice is yours.

Go for a drive- Just fill your tanks, pack a picnic basket and take off. Go for a long drive with your love. Go out of the city. Listen to good music and talk. Just talk.

Make a gift basket- Gifts don’t have to be expensive always. Buy what your partner needs and likes. Soaps, candles, soft towels, perfumes, nice lingerie, boxers what have you thought. Just don’t go over the budget. Look for sales and shop for the best valentine gifts in Chennai.

Cook together- Cooking brings people together. If you know your partner’s favourite food (you must), buy the ingredients and surprise them. Cook a hearty homemade meal together. Set up the table with candles and have fun. Talk. Just talk your heart out. We all know what happens when you have too much fun playing with flour in the kitchen right? Well you make great food of course!

Plenty of ways to save money and still have a great Valentine’s day. Have a great date. Oh and yes- never ever forget flowers. Never!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Flowersnemotions.

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