It has always been advertised that making plans for having a perfect anniversary celebration or even a date is the man’s responsibility. Why though? Why should men be one to get to experience the usher bliss and awe that come on a woman’s face when they receive a surprise. Everyone should get an equal opportunity to surprise their better halves. Men love surprises too and that is a fact. You love your husband and want to make him feel loved and cared for right?

So why not you ladies step up your game and make your man’s jaw drop with a surprise?

Here are 5 unique ways to surprise your Husband -

Send a surprise basket- Receiving a special flower bouquet delivery and chocolates at work out of nowhere is the most adorable surprise ever. But maybe not all men like the chocolates and the roses in front of everyone. So instead, you could maybe send him his favourite cookies, a cup of coffee, biscuits, a small love note that lists the events for the upcoming evening or a small gift.

Buy a gadget- Most men love gadgets and chances are your man has been eyeing a certain gadget for some time now. If you know it, then why not buy it for him. But be sure to get the right one with the right specifications. That is extremely important. Be it a fitness watch, a new game or anything you know he wants. That is romantic.

Gift him an experience- Maybe your husband has been meaning to go sky diving or bungee jumping but hasn’t been able to plan it. Why not do it for him and gift him this experience. You could go with him and do this special thing together. Overcome the fears together.

Do something you don’t like but he does- Not every couple has similar interests. There are things that you love and there are things that he loves to do but you hate. Why not this time you do this one thing that is his absolute favourite. Surprise him by doing it for him and tell him how much you love him. He will adore it. You getting out of your comfort zone for him.

Gift him a much needed vacation- Go away for the weekend to his favourite place for celebrating the love you have for each other. Or gift him a vacation with his friends if you are being too generous. Choice is yours.

Husbands try to go to lengths to surprise their beloved wives. Shouldn’t you do the same for them? It is about time.

Oh and don’t forget the roses and chocolates (but in private maybe)!! Choose Flowers N Emotions for the delivery of your love at the doorsteps.

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